Bank Linking

How do I link my bank account?

Fennel allows you to connect your bank account through its partnership with Plaid. You are prompted to connect your bank account to Fennel during the onboarding process, and you also have the option to connect a bank account by going to "Manage Wallet & Bank Information" in the “Profile” tab in the app.

How can I manually connect my bank account?

Currently, Fennel does not allow you to manually connect your bank accounts. Instead, we’ve partnered with Plaid to securely connect our user’s bank accounts.

How do I unlink my bank account?

If your bank account changes, you can disconnect your bank account from Fennel by going to "Manage Wallet & Bank Information" in the “Profile” tab in the app. There you’ll see the option to add another bank account and change your default bank account. As Fennel requires at least one linked bank account, you'll have to ensure you have a different bank account connected and selected as your default. You can then  "swipe left" on the bank account you want to delete, and a red trash icon will emerge which you can click to unlink that account. 

Can I add more bank accounts to my Fennel account?

Yes! You can connect up to 3 bank accounts to your Fennel account at the same time.

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