How do I make a trade?

You can make a trade by navigating in-app to the specific security you’re looking to trade. Next, tap on the “Trade” button located on the security’s detail page. Once selected, you’ll be given the option to “Buy” that security, or “Sell” if you already hold that security. You will then need to enter the order details and submit your order for review. Your order will be marked as “pending” until it has been executed.

How do I choose my order type?

Fennel allows you to place a market or limit order. A market order is an order to buy or sell a stock at the markets best available price, but does not guarantee a specific price. A limit order is a type of order used when someone wants to buy or sell a stock at a specific price (or better). For example, if a person places a buy limit order at $100, that transaction will only be executed if the stock hits the limit price ($100) or lower. Conversely, a sell limit order may only be executed at the limit price or higher.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order if that order has not yet been executed. Non-executed orders will appear as “pending” in the transactions menu or under the company detail page of that specific security. Once you have identified the pending order you wish to cancel, you’ll see the option to cancel on that page. If there is no cancel option available then your order may not be canceled.

Why was my trade rejected?

Your trade could have been rejected for a number of reasons. Fennel only allows its users to buy securities if they have available funds in their account. If you have existing pending orders in your account, you may not have sufficient funds to place another order. Fennel only accepts orders during market hours between 9:30am to 4pm ET. Orders placed outside of that time will be rejected. Your account could also be restricted due to certain Cash Account Violations.

Where can I find my dividends?

Cash from dividend payouts will be added directly to the cash balance of your brokerage account.

What are unsettled funds?

You may have unsettled funds in your account as a result of a recent deposit or stock sale. An ACH from your bank account may take 2 to 5 days to settle, and stock settlements take 2 business days.

Where can I find my transaction history?

You can find your transaction history by tapping the “Profile” tab, and then opening the “View Transactions” menu. Once you’re there, you’ll see the option to view your transaction history.

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